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ND Football Requests

Looking to make a request for the 2021 Football season at Notre Dame? You’ve come to the right place.

Please complete this survey to place your request. If you need more than one room or more than one game, complete the survey multiple times to suit your needs.

CLICK HERE to make your request.

While, using the survey method is the preferred method to make requests, we understand that some guests may need an alternate method.

Preferred Microsoft Word form: 2021 ND Football Request Form

If you do not have Microsoft Word or having other issues, print this form and email it: 2021 ND Football Request Form Blank PDF

Rather talk to a person? We’re waiting to hear from you. Call us at (574) 277-6500.

Email all requests to jfowler@dorahg.com

Check out the email campaign sent out in February 2021 for more details and rates HERE